Inspired Artist


Don Wesley is not a fashion designer or garment manufacturer. He is an artist who thought his designs would look good on clothing. Luckily for us, he was right.

Inspired Design


Don draws inspiration for his Ascension series of jackets from a combination of the natural world that inspires us, as well as the inner world that drives us all.

About the Jackets


In August of 2019 Don began selling these hand-painted puffer jackets featuring his 'Ascension' design depicting eleven starlings flying up the front and around the back of the jacket. He paints each of these  wearable works of art one by one, so each jacket is a custom signed original. These are currently created using UNIQLO's ultra-light down puffers. UNIQLO has a history of showcasing artists on their clothing; Kaws, Ukiyo-e and Keith Haring to name a few. We want you to know that when Don paints and resells these jackets, he is negating the original manufacturer's warranty and taking responsibility for the quality of your product experience. UNIQLO is only one on many possible brands we may use, but due to their quality in our own testing, we are confident in re-selling their jackets and warrantying them ourselves. However, we feel the quality of their product mixed with their focus on arts, is a great fit for our purposes. We also feel confident in the direction UNIQLO is going regarding cruelty-free clothing. Today, the feathers used in their puffers are all sourced from humane processes and no feathers are taken from living animals. In addition to this approach, we have learned of their plans to introduce a synthetic down in the future. Understanding that offering is coming as well, we feel 100% confident in our current choice of jacket vendor. And, their prices are low enough that we can afford to paint on them and resell them. That having been said, Don will paint other brands of jackets that you may already have, but we cannot guarantee the adhesion of his design like we can with the UNIQLO fabrics that we have tested the paints on.